Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate

A global certification issued by the EC-Council organization that validates penetration testing skills.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) validates an individual’s ability to use hacking techniques to identify and troubleshoot vulnerabilities in existing security networks.

The code for the CEH exam is 312-50. The CEH is an approved DoD 8570 certification.

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Who This Certificate is For

  • For many it is their first milestone on a career in ethical hacking, InfoSec, and cyber security.

  • For those who will be working in a domain within IT or cybersecurity that is focused with the security of systems

  • For those who are aspiring or currently are a current ethical hacker or penetration tester

Why This Certificate Matters

Recognized by HR departments, recruiters, and hiring managers

Shows your commitment
to cybersecurity. It could be easier for you to get a job.

Become Department of Defense-certified –
 so working in cybersecurity for the government is now an option for you.

Higher earning potential – New certifications, such as the CEH, often lead to salary increases. You may qualify for more advanced roles within your company.


Proves knowledge and skills – As you prepare for the exam you will learn about cybersecurity topics that will prepare you for career advancement.


Skills You Will Gain

, Certified Ethical Hacker Certificate
$ 50000
Average Annual Salary

Job Titles

Security+ is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the US DoD to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements. Regulators and government rely on ANSI accreditation, because it provides confidence and trust in the outputs of an accredited program. Over 2.3 million CompTIA ISO/ANSI-accredited exams have been delivered since January 1, 2011.

The Cybur "Cyber Threats and Countermeasures"
will help you pass the Security+ exam, prepare for interviews,
and be job ready on day one

Cyber Threats and Countermeasures Course

Prepare to earn the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certificate

In this course you will work with an elite community of instructors, experts, and coaches, as well as cutting edge simulations to learn about defensive methodology and tools to leverage defensive security practices. These practices require a strong understanding of current risks and exploits. Leveraging the knowledge acquired from the Information System Security Lab (offensive tools), this course builds on the remediation strategies for thwarting off active offensive attacks.

The Cyber Threats and Countermeasures EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker training course is taught by certified IT cybersecurity professionals in DC, Virginia, or Maryland with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience. Our instructors are also required to have IT security and cyber security experience along with additional, supplementary certifications and continued education in the industry.